Episode 21 - Officially Speaking! Episode 23 - B-Teams and the Kaos of Home Bouts
Mar 02

One of our most popular episodes, featuring an interview with Kristen Adolfi, better known as Krissy Krash. Krash, part of the Whip It cast, is a banked and flat track skater as well as a nutritionist. She talks to us about everything from derby, to diet, to Hollywood. Due to a slight problem with phone lines, Krissy's interview appears a little later in the show, but it's worth waiting to hear!

This show also features the third appearance of  our new correspondent, Bob Noxious. The staff discusses USARS rules, WFTDA, Olympics, The World Cup, and the direction the sport is heading. We debate whether it's leaning to it's true DIY roots or becoming more "professional."

The show, as always, features upcoming bouts, past bouts, shout outs, and derby news.


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