Episode 22 - Krissy Krash Episode 24 - Buster Cheatin’ and the Gotham Girls
Mar 16

This episode features an interview with Lincolnshire Bomber Roller Girls' Bout and League Liason Kelly Kaos. Kelly discusses setting up and organising home bouts. The episode also features an interview Bob Noxious has with Naptown (Indianapolis, IN, USA) founder Strawberry Jam. Naptown is known for it's use of both a B and C team to develop talent for their WFTDA A-team, which is highly ranked within the North Central Region. They discuss the league putting time, effort, and coaching into the B and C teams in order to find and develop their talent, something other leagues are slowly adapting. Many B-teams, until recently, have been relatively unguided.

This episode, as always, features the latest on upcoming bouts, past events, and derby news.


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