Episode 33 - No Minors, No Bob Episode 35 - Team England vs. Team USA
Aug 30

This show is dedicated to the development of announcing over the course of time. The episode features Part 1 of an interview with the current President of the Association of Flat Track Announcers (AFTDA), D'announcer Duane Cunningham. He and Bob discuss the history of announcing from its first days, through their loosely formed MySpace Group, up until 2008 when work began on announcing's current organization - AFTDA. The show also features the Crew talking to, and putting on the spot, UK announcer Martin Liljoke R Eves, who does a nice job of fielding some difficult questions and sharing some of his experiences.

The show, as always, has upcoming UK bouts, past events, shout outs and international derby news.



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