Bobservations - Derby in the U.S. isn’t so different from Canada and the UK! Episode 36 - How’s some Muffin with your Playoffs?
Sep 22

Welcome to my first blog. I completely don’t know what I want to write about.  I very much doubt there will be any sort of constant theme within my blogs, I may just post whatever is on my mind on the particular day I pick to write, so I apologise in advance for my inane ramblings.

I have probably written this post about twenty times trying to decide what to write about. Everything so far has come across as too moany and too “Who the hell do you think you are”.  I am not qualified to give advice, I do not think that I have knowledge that others need, or anything else that other bloggers have that make their posts interesting to the derby community.  I am just a player. So, for this first one I’ll start with a little introduction to myself and some little facts.

All about Me.

I am *cough*30*cough*, I am a mother of two and in my spare time I like to play roller derby. I have been doing this for four years. I am generally a blocker because I like to hit people but I am made to jam occasionally too. The last time I did, my teammates i the crowd started singing a Justin Beiber song at me. I hate Justin Bieber so I flipped them the one fingered salute.  Its captured on video and everything.

I started playing roller derby as I wanted to get fit and I hated pretty much all other forms of exercise.  I still hate all other forms of exercise but as roller derby has moved on I have increasing found the need to do them so I do them, I moan the whole way, but I do them.

I hate Stopped Roller Derby, or The Sausage, as it’s known. Why do I hate it? Well, the clue is in the name of the sport, Roller Derby, Roller, as in, to roll. I totally get wanting to score a shed load of points when the other jammer is in the box but that has always been the aim when you have a power jam. In 2009 I watched a jammer at Regional’s (I want to say Joy Collision, but I watched a lot of derby that year) score a 30 point jam, her pack didn’t stop and many of these stopped power jams fail to score that amount of points now, so really what is the point! It’s also a lot easier to stop a jammer when the pack is rolling, especially if you have strong blockers that work well together, but that’s my opinion.

I try my best to be a good teammate and a good person. Sometimes I fall short.

Roller Derby has given me a lot of good friends, some that I doubt I would ever have been friends with if it wasn’t for roller derby, mainly because they would be too cool to talk to me.

I can’t scream in public.  That sounds weird, I know, but do you know that thing where you just want to scream ad some people actively encourage you to, to make you feel better?  Well, I can’t do that. But a few years ago I never thought I would be able to stand up, on roller skates, in front of a crowd. But I did that so maybe I’ll conquer this next.

I cannot lie. If I try to lie, I get all red in the face and stutter. It has plagued me since a child, my teachers always knew why I hadn’t done my homework, now my husband always knows if I brought new clothes.

I am a huge sci-fi geek and I was before it was cool to be one.

I love a good argument and a good moan.

I am really near sighted and without my glasses I struggle but I don’t wear contacts (yet, it’s getting to the stage where I will have too) yet I am always able to find the oppositions jammer. Weird.

I think that’s about it. I promise to go away and have a good think about what to write about next.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to submit them.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to the show.

Syn x


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