Smarty Pants

smarty.jpgThere's no question that one of our favorite skaters is Smarty Pants. Smarty, former member of Texas Roller Derby (Austin's banked track league) and current Texacutioner with Austin's flat-track league (Texas Roller Girls), is one of the few skaters to be a high-profile participant in both styles of derby. The physics, as one can only imagine, are drastically different, yet her transition to flat-track may be unlike anyone before her.

As she celebrates her 10th year of roller derby, there is no slowing down for this member of Team USA.

Smarty Pants is also one of the premiere derby trainers, providing both on- and off-skate sessions all over the world. A fixture at RollerCon, you can find out how to hire her or find a boot camp that she may be participating in at her Website or just check out what she's doing on her FaceBook page.

Smarty can be hired for on- and off-skates training, coaching training, private lessons (if you're in the Austin area at some point).

Bob has even contributed to her testimonials...with these thoughts -

"Smarty Pants amazes me. Having seen her skate at a high-level on the banked track was one thing. To see her become as dangerous an opponent on the flat-track, so quickly, blew me away. It's rarely done. To comment on the skills she brings to her on-skate classes would be obvious. Yet her real gift is the ability to connect your mind with your body. She does more than improve your physical skills, she leaves you understanding the derby logic behind what you've been taught. Her off-skate sessions for both coaches and skaters are not to be missed. Smarty's cerebral, yet logical approach to strategy and track awareness makes you appreciate and understand the attention to detail it takes to lead on the track or from the sideline. Even after a long day on skates, she'll hold your attention with her inter-active style in the classroom, not just improving your derby IQ, but rejuvenating the passion and fun that hooked you on the sport to start with."