About Roller Derby Radio

Though we often shorten the title, our full name is Roller Derby Radio - ABomberNation! We are eternally thankful to the league who has made the show possible - The Lincolnshire Bombers (WFTDA). Broadcast live from Siren 107.3 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK, Roller Derby Radio brings you news and interviews from the local Lincolnshire Bombers, the UK, and North America during every show. First airing in 2011 as a one-hour show, Roller Derby Radio expanded to 90 minutes in February, 2012, adding a more international flavor with correspondence from the United States.

What makes Roller Derby Radio so unique?

  • It's an actual LIVE radio broadcast!
  • The live airing is simulcast on the Siren 107.3 Web page.
  • The final show is touched up, then made available in podcast form after the live show.
  • It runs TWICE each month! Every-other Wednesday at 19:30 in Lincolnshire, 11:30am Pacific Time, 2:30pm Eastern Time.

We don't just talk derby, we talk TO derby!

  • From the UK? From Lincolnshire? Find out what's coming up or what's happened with recent bouts and events. Hear about the major North American events as well.
  • Sure, we review the news, add our views, but move straight on to live interviews from the UK and insights and interviews from our North American correspondent.
  • We have the resources to talk to almost anyone! Sure, you'll hear from high-profile skaters, but, more importantly, Roller Derby Radio tackles all issues!
  • Past shows have had top-level coaches (Buster Cheatin', The Rev), experts on sports nutrition (Krissy Krass), and even an expert providing answers to bullying within the sport.